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What Does Mindful Art Look Like?

Updated: May 22, 2023

My intention with any mindfulness based art sessions is that your nervous system has time to chill out. The tasks are simple enough that you can let your thinking mind go and experience a flow state. The art tends to be more abstract, as not to compare your performance to anyone else's. You intuitively choose colors that make your heart happy, without a need to follow any art rules. Although I facilitate these sessions, you will have this knowledge to carry with you to use whenever you feel a need for a reset. Mindful art can also look like drawing nature scenes (as long as one is not too focused on making them look “perfect”)

Individual art based sessions allow for us to simultaneously focus on the art while discussing (if desired) anything that you need to vent or clear. You can also infuse your intention into your art, and this is actually encouraged.

My favorite art mindfulness techniques at the moment (and I’m always adding to my list, because I need to calm my nervous system just like-if not more than-everyone else) are:

Neurographic Line Art -

A process by which you hold a question in your mind for 3 seconds while drawing curved lines on a page organically. The next part is rounding off any sharp edges, which ultimately makes the work look like a matrix of neurons. The final and most beautiful step is filling in the shapes with color (I prefer watercolor!)

Scrape Art (with outlining different shades of colors)-

This process involves scraping multiple acrylic colors across a paper and then taking a paint pen and tracing a line around each individual unique shade of color. This is a very meditative process as you really have to hone your intention on the shade differentials. Afterwards you have a beautiful abstract work, or you can cut it out to make amazing collages.

Messy Mandalas-

(inspired by Robin Mead)

This process is a series of utilizing multiple mixed media to create a gorgeous mandala of circles and shapes. The initial step is making concentric circles with watercolor. After the watercolor is dry there is a series of adding all kinds of details, typically abstract shapes or patterns. I also like to add quotes, hidden messages in fluorescent white paint, and paint splatter techniques. This is the original art that I offer to my clients as part of their wellness packages.

Hand Drawn Mandalas-

For those who love structure, rulers, protractors (and a little bit of math) this process is for you! The repetitive nature of mandalas, and the symmetry is a time proven way to relax and embrace mindfulness.

Nature Zentangles-

A process where you create a shape from nature and fill it in with either one shape, or multiple patterns. One of my favorites is to create a mountain with a series of small triangles in the middle, with different colors and shadings. The idea is to let your mind wander while creating and coloring in.



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